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Beach tennis as a leisure sport

Sun, sand and high spirits - Beach tennis is just great fun. Thousands of holiday makers have played it in some capacity before, thus providing the sport with the potential to enthuse large numbers. It is a sport for everyone, which combines leisure, a holiday feeling, entertainment, comradery and fitness all in one.

Tennis and Beach volleyball as an introduction

Beach tennis is also popular among recreational athletes

Indeed, based on definition, leisure sport is in a different category to competitive sport. However, the experience of competition, as well as the team aspect of the game go hand in hand with beach tennis. Most beach tennis players have already played the traditional tennis sport and various club's association with beach tennis has led them to the game. Nevertheless, Badminton, tabletennis, beach volleyball and other beach sports provide all the prerequisits and are just as good an introduction to beach tennis. These related sports, however, are in no way in competition with beachtennis - on the contrary: Thanks to a relaxed atmosphere, most beach tennis tournaments offer a welcome change to other tournaments. Furthermore, the dates of existing events (as in tennis for example) are taken into consideration to ensure that there are no clashes on the beach sport calendar.

Learning by doing

A welcome relief for recreational athletes

Because the game can be played with normal tennis racquets and because all of the other materials and facilities are readily available, it is possible, even with little investment, preperation or training, to compete in tournaments - based on the motto "learning by doing". Moreover, most tournaments start with group matches so competitors are guarenteed a number of matches. Through small tournaments we hope to attract youths, hobby players, anyone interested in beach tennis or sport enthusiasts in general to the trend sport of beach tennis.


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