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The Health aspect of beach tennis

Why is beach tennis healthy?

Eine blaue Eule mit großen, gelben Augen

The German champs Timo Jogwer and Jan Nottenkämper at the championships 2006 in Filderstadt

Why is beach tennis healthy? Simple: In beach tennis you hit, run, jump, dive and scramble through the sand, in the process carrying out a range of various movements within a short time span, thus engaging a range of different muscles. These include the major muscle groups, such as the calf, leg. stomach, back-, and arm muscles as well as the finer foot muscles that work to compensate for the unevenness of the soft sand. This leads to another pleasant side effect: playing in bare feet is like receiving a foot massage, as the rough grains of sand provide for a pure (?). In addition, every step or jump made in the deep sand demands twice as much strength as the same movements on a normal surface would.

Besides strength, beach tennis also trains endurance, mobility and above all the coordination, reactions and touch required for simultaneous running and hitting. A certain level of mental strength is also required: Tactics, ingenuity and nerves all play an influential role in beach tennis. Therefore the sport offers an all-embracing work-out that trains almost all parts of the body. Such an all-body-work-out raises the heart and breathing frequency and with it the blood circulation of all organs and leads ultimately to an improvement of overall fitness.

The good old banana

Mixed-Weltmeister 2007: Serena Meloni und Alex Mingozzi

Mixed-Doubles champions: Serena Meloni and Alex Mingozzi

The all-around strains of beach tennis demand a lot of our body, and account for a considerable energy consumption. For anyone, therefore, who is carrying a few extra kilos there's no reason to hesitate - jump straight in the sand. (Careful though: don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses so your eyes and skin are well protected from damaging UV-rays!) Besides calories, there is a high expenditure of nutrients and liquids in general. That means with sweat inducing exercise in hot temperatures you have to drink, drink and drink some more, even before the thirst gets to you. Ideally, the expenditure of liquid and minerals should be compensated by drinking water, diluted fruit juice or sprizter. Muesli bars and fruit of all kind - especially good old bananas - are ideal light fitness snacks between games.

Those who aim to keep in shape should keep to a well balanced diet: Lots of fresh vegetables and salad, fruit, ample potatoes and grain products (ideally of the wholegrain variety), lean meat and milk products as well as fish, provide the best potential to perform.

The all-important conclusion: Like no other sport, beach tennis combines sport and fitness aspects with fresh air and friendly company. In other words: Playing in the sand is a lot of fun, it creates a positive attitute, you can burn off energy, you can meet nice people and you feel a bit like you're on holiday. That's pure relaxation!


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