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Beach tennis as a school sport

Many forms of tennis and badminton lessons can also be integrated into beach tennis lessons. With the diving involved there is plenty of fun to be had which provides plenty of motivation to play sport. Playing sport in the sand also creates a feeling that triggers pleasant childhood memories: Simply playing in the sand!

Big achilles

The health benefits of beach tennis are indisputable

The health benefits of beach tennis are indisputable. On the one hand, running in sand is a commendable form of conditioning for school pupils and youths. Playing without shoes has an invigorating effect for one's feet. Research shows, that beach sport athletes (volleyball) have 18 per cent thicker achilles tendons than the average person. Also, the foot/plantar reflex zones are activated; the blood circulation to the feet is improved significantly. Subsequently, swelling of the skin or muscular atrophy around the foot is minimised. Grasp reflexes of the foot are activated. Ligament, tendon and bone structures are strengthened. Apart from the direct influences of potentially damaging UV-rays and minor impact injuries, there are no other known health risks associated with beach tennis.

Ample social contact

Beachtennis als Schulsport

Beach tennis also provides for plenty of social contact

Beach tennis also provides for plenty of social contact ... combined with campfire romance, tents and background music sets the sport apart from everyday life. The social experience outweighs the results. Youths aspire to identify with this social lifestyle, which is strengthened through the co-ed learning situation.

In most shools, the equipment for badminton is available; for the out-zones, reasonably priced net fittings are available. Most schools also possess balls and racquets but these are also available in sports stores. There is, therefore, no considerable expense involved with the introduction of the game into school sports lessons. However, not every school has access to a beach volleyball court. Wooden or plastic racquets are required to play the indoor, squash-tennis'alternative.

Good hand-eye coordination is key

In terms of health education, beach sports are among the leading sports in the field. It has to be stressed that beach tennis does not demand any knowledge of tennis. Good hand-eye coordination is, however, an advantage. That this sport was no flash in the pan has been demonstrated by its development from an experimental sport to a now established sport with its own federation. Its participants come not only from the ranks of sports in decline, but also from the so-called major sports. Enlightened tennis coaches agree that beach tennis is a logical progression and great introduction to the game of tennis. Anyone who can hit the ball over the net has already overcome the first hurdle ... and, of course, beach tennis is unbelievably fun!


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